‘Hidden Valley’ Flora and Fauna Survey

Sunday 7th October 

10 am to 1 pm

One of the Strath Creek Biodiversity Project sites is a steep, dissected valley behind the Three Sisters. The valley still supports some quality remnant native vegetation, which will be enhanced via on-ground works supported by the this project. New fencing will be erected to better manage  the grazing that occurs in the valley and several bare ridges and slopes will be revegetated to reduce erosion and increase the amount of carbon stored in the native vegetation on the site.

One of the initial project tasks will be to describe the current flora and fauna of the site before any works are undertaken, so that down the track we can measure the impact of the changed land use.

One of the animals we’ll be on the lookout for is the Striped Legless Lizard (Delma impar), a threatened species in Victoria and Nationally, that may well occur in this area. We’re also sure to find a variety of other reptiles, frogs and birds. Remote cameras will be set up and left in-place for several weeks to monitor some of the mammals that may occur there. The valley also has some very scenic views, including small waterfalls.

To find out more download the Hidden Valley Flora & Fauna Survey flier , or ring Steve Joblin 5780 1343, or 0412 334 521.

For more information about the Strath Creek Biodiversity Project download the:

Project Summary Flyer
Project Expression of Interest Form

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