Project Outcomes

Planned Project Outcomes

  1. Significantly modify grazing practices across 50 ha of steep hills in the project area. This will promote a diverse grassy ground cover and allow natural regeneration of native vegetation.
  2. Protect 20 ha of high quality remnant native vegetation (steep hills and riparian);
  3. Revegetate an additional 40 hectares (primarily steep hills) utilizing direct seeding to enable large areas to be revegetated efficiently and cost-effectively.
  4. Engage 50 landholders in project activities.
  5. Develop 2 local demonstration sites to integrate sustainable farming systems, areas of revegetation, protection of remnant vegetation and careful grazing management. These sites will practically demonstrate carbon sequestration on marginal agricultural land via biodiversity plantings and natural regeneration and promote the opportunities for financial gains through carbon credits.
  6. Further develop  the King Parrot Creek catchment as a model of integrated, sustainable catchment management. Strath Creek Landcare Group have a 66 strong family membership, and have actively been involved in landscape scale restoration of the King Parrot Creek over the past 12 years.
  7. Find pathways of adaptation for the Strath Creek LandCare Group and the region to be able to deliver better and more dynamic NRM outcomes to the region.
  8. Strengthen local community involvement in sustainable, biodiverse, carbon farming. Our landcare group is well placed in the community to drive local action, and act in a leadership role for landcare groups within the region.

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