The Strath Creek Landcare Group is conducting a variety of activities as part of this project.

Habitat Protection & Rehabilitation

The Project aims to improve the biodiversity and habitat values of min. 110 ha of private property in the Strath Creek district. This includes:

  • protecting areas of good quality remnant indigenous vegetation,
  • managing grazing on steep hill country to promote natural regeneration,
  • controlling pest plants and animals that reduce biodiversity values.

For more information, click the ‘On-ground Works’ and ‘Project Sites’ categories, at right.

Carbon Farming

The Project will investigate the possibility of landholders and project sites entering the ‘carbon market’ using environmental plantings. Landholders could choose to enter either the regulated market (via the Australian Govenment’s CFI), or the voluntary carbon market. Our aim is to inform interested landholders of the options available to them and provide information and support should they wish to do so.

Demonstration Sites

Demonstration Sites have been selected from among the sites being managed under this project, to demonstrate the practice and principle of ‘environmental planting’ and ‘carbon farming’.

Community Events

The project is committed to running several workshops and field days to demonstrate and explain the goals and achievements of the Project. Click the ‘Community Activity’ category at right.

Landholder Information

The Project will collate and distribute a variety of information relevant to landholders (eg. indigenous seed collection techniques, direct-seeding techniques, biodiversity planting on steep hills, grazing management) with a view to facilitate uptake of such techniques by interested landholders.

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