Site 10; 34 ha.

Site 10, O’Grady. This large site lies 4 km south of Strath Creek township and adjacent to Site 5. The site is undulating, in places steep and has little remnant tree cover. It has generally north and west facing slopes and comprises the upper catchment of an ephemeral tributary of the Strath Creek.

This site will create a corridor along the N-S running ridge, to the east, and down a north facing degraded slope to revegetation on the neighbouring property. Heavy Patterson’s Curse infestation has been sprayed this season (2013-14). Some of the existing fence line may need strengthening. This site has a remnant Snow Gum and some mature Grey Box, Yellow Box and Red Stringybark trees. There is little other woodland vegetation as this site is grazed from time to time by agisted cattle. Native grasses will recover with stock exclusion.

Site 10 location, adjacent to Site 5 (click to enlarge).

Site 10 location, adjacent to Site 5 (click to enlarge).


On-ground activities:

Fencing constructed:  2 km

Indigenous seedlings planted:

Indigenous seed drilled: X km, X kg

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